Wow, a Good Point

It has been so long since I’ve posted on here. Recently it has been some busy times and I honestly wanted to post, but time and such didn’t allow me to =( . But, I’m back now and I had an interesting thought which I wanted to share.

Do ya’ll listen to Rush Limbaugh, well I occasionally listen to him on the radio and normally I find him fairly interesting but I get a little lost however as he runs around different political matters which I hadn’t heard about and basically don’t make much sense to me. However, as you know he really isn’t for Obama for many different reasons. As you listen to Obama’s speeches you got to admit that the guy sounds really convincing like he is definitely planning on a good change and one of the guys on the radio started feeling that way after he had voted for McCain and such, but he started loosing his reasons why.

I thought Rush did a excellent job at explaining the major difference between what he promotes and what Obama promotes. Obama is getting people excited about change which the people do not have to do anything to achieve it. He is pointing people to the government, blaming the previous government for the problems and saying his new crew is going to fix everything. Rush said every four years people in drug infested areas, people in the slums and people who don’t want change cast their vote thinking that government will do something for them so they don’t need to change a thing. Every four years they are disappointed. Change will not come about through the government, but through everyone initiating a change in their own life. Rush says his goal is to inspire people to action, to realize the government isn’t going to revolutionize their life, they need to get moving. I think that is so true. If the government gives you another $600 this year if you meet their qualifications. What is that going to do for you? Maybe this new government will start taking away money from those who worked hard for their money and give it to people who aren’t trying to work. How will that ever help those people. Unless they choose to make a change with that cash they will stay in the same position they are now. Unmotivated expand their horizons because the government will take care of their needs.

He said it a lot better on the radio 🙂 I hope you got the idea anyway though.

Support the new president, but remember not to rely on government change to make your life better. It is your choice, and remember ya’ll that the best change is to allow the Lord to show you the change and then go for it.

Have a Good Day Everyone!!!