Writing the Bible

Hey ya’ll!

I hope that you’ve been having some exciting days recently. I’ve been having a great time working hard and learning lots. One thing which has came to my mind which I haven’t shared with ya’ll before is the benefits of writing scripture. This is something which I learned while I was in Africa and though it is a simple idea it’s something I’ve overlooked until that trip. Previously I’ve written out verses here and there for memory work because that is how I memorize things best, but writing out larger portions of the Bible really makes the passage come to life.

I’ve been doing two Bible studies recently and in the one study with my friend I’ve been writing out the book of 1 Corinthians and boy is there a lot of things to learn from that book. I think we could spend a couple months in just a chapter, but we keep moving on so we can complete writing out the whole book. It’s been really exciting to note certain verses which have been a challenge to me and I’d highly recommend this idea of writing scripture to everyone out there because the Bible is applicable to every person in the world and it gives us the answers to everything in life and I am not exaggerating that phrase. It definitely does.
Well, that is my blessing for the time to share with you all. God has continued to be good to me and blessed me far far beyond what I deserver and for that I am living my days with excitement and with hope that He will be pleased with my life as I seek to follow him.
As my friend JonW would say, “I’m Rejoicing in the Lord”,