I bet the title got your attention…LOL I am comfortably laying down on my bed in the still silence of the basment of my house, which is my room. This is my blessing for today, because my room has always been such a quiet place for me to be away from everything, especially noise. It is so peaceful at night time especially. I’ve been in the basement ever since little Hudson moved in. My mother calls my bedroom “the cave” because it is so dark down here. If I shut my door in the middle of the brightest afternoon you would never know what time of the day it was. Another blessing by being in the basement is having my computer and weight set right out my door. This has been such a blessing to me. Actually mentioning exercise gave me another blessing to share. Today I was able to go running with two of my friends in the morning. I love to exercise, so I was really thankful when they asked me to go out with them. It was such an awesome day to go out as well. I love this weather when the birds are chirping and all, its makes me feel like rejoicing in the Lord all the time! Reminds me of the song, “Let the sun shine again in my heart…” I’m not sure of the actual title… Sry for he rabbit trails but God is good. Please please please comment or email me blessings which God has done for you. I would LOVE to read them 🙂 Have an awesome day and rejoice in the Lord!!!
g’night, zzzzzzzzz 🙂